The 2020 annual crappie and take a kid fishing events have been cancelled. This was not an easy decision for the board. We had hoped the COVID situation would improve so we could host both events but we feel that in the interest of our members safety it would be best not to proceed. 



August is just around the corner. What follows? September archery deer season!!!  Have you been practicing?

Time to get on the range for some practice.

KLSC is offering all non-members an opportunity to shoot the course one time at no cost. You must sign a release waver located at the first lane and place it in the drop box. If you find that you enjoyed your experience, please consider supporting this facility with an annual membership of $40 individual & $75 family. Membership includes unlimited range time and use of the park itself. Family picnics, kids playground, wonderful nature walks, & more.  Membership


*Use of this property is at your own personal risk. Property is under video surveillance. Any theft or vandalism WILL BE PROSECUTED.

If you’d like to discuss the course or have any questions please contact Greg at 612-790-2313

Blue-Green Algae

One of our members asked – does Knife Lake, in Kanabec County have Blue-Green Algae.  The answer was yes, sometimes it does.   Blue Green algae during bloom is toxic to humans and to pets.  While dogs are the most impacted. Here is a direct link out to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency  information guide on Blue Green Algae.

The Knife Lake Sportsmen’s Club (KLSC) continues to work with the Knife Lake Improvement District (KLID) to help maintain healthy water quality through weed management which helps to reduce algae in our lake.  The Watershed district (Snake River watershed district) also has been working for years on reducing ground pollution sources to the river and streams that flow into our lake.  It is a large task, but together we are making strides for continued healthy habit for our lake for all to use and enjoy, now and into the future.

2020 Independence Day Recap


The pancake breakfast was a success by any standard. We tried some new things like outdoor dining, curb-side service, gluten free meal, & takeout.

We ran out of food in the last 30 minutes but were able to serve most guests. We apologize to anyone that did not receive a meal. We do our best to estimate the amount of food we will need without having waste. This is tricky business for sure and with Covid hanging over us all even harder to estimate. We made a final decision to order the same amount as last year and sold through it all by 10:30am! KLSC would like to thank everyone for the support and hope you enjoyed yourself. Feedback is always welcome. Please leave us a note if you would like.  Contact Us

Boat parade

1st Place – $200.00/Plaque – Rob Abraham
2nd Place – $150.00/Plaque – Cheryl Johnson
3rd Place – $75.00/Plaque – Joy Handt
4th Place – $50.00/Plaque – Todd Lero
Consolation – Plaque – Thomas Anker

Light up the lake at sunset. What a display around. Thank you for all that participated!

Fireworks on the lake provided by Crows Nest Resort With financial assistants from KLSC. A wonderful display in the sky was enjoyed by all. What a great way to end such a beautiful day!