Request for Proposal’s – Cleaning

We are looking for bids to help us out with cleaning the clubhouse 2 x monthly and 2 special cleanings per year.

Approximate space:  800 sq feet, 2 bathrooms.

Please contact Chris with questions Seven 6 Three. 257.777o.  

Please send bids to

All bids received are to be reviewed at the Board meeting on 10/15

Board redefines Membership Year

Board Redefines Membership Year.

as of the August 20, 2022 your KLSC board has redefined the membership year to be Sept 1 – Aug 31.    The KLSC  as always done memberships in the fall and many members pay throughout the year.  As we move to automating the clubs business systems to make the tasks more efficient for the volunteer members and board members to administer.   We need to define when the dues are actually due.  So the board has voted that the membership year  for General Membership is Sept 1 – Aug 31.  

If you have paid recently, we will be figuring out a proration for you. 

If you have questions regarding this please email us at

Discussion about the Archery Membership year is still in process but we are leaning towards April – Nov.


Payment Emails

As of this morning we did some back end clean up of transactions in the website.  If you have made a payment in the past for Membership.  You will be receiving an email indicating Thank You for the payment.   THIS IS NOT a new payment this is as of the date on the email.  

We apologize for this confusion.


March 12, 2022 – Spring clean up the lake – event

Well it is that time of the year again.  The ice houses are scheduled to be gone by the writing of this message.  So on to the next event.  March 12, 2022 – Spring Clean up the Lake.   

We are cleaning up the trash left by the ice house friends starting at 9 a.m. on March 12.  Meet at the North Landing.   Followed by Soup/Sandwich  Lunch at the club house about Noon.  

Volunteers are needed to help with clean up or with serving lunch.  Please join us on March 12th.  

Contact Wayne – if interested in on ice clean up

Contact Chris – if interested in helping with Lunch.

Weed Spraying – Response needed by 4/15/2022

This past week all property owners on Knife Lake, Kanabec county should have received the annual Weed Spraying Letters from the Knife Lake Improvement District (KLID).  

There are two letters.  One for Weed Spraying and One to decline.  See attached for further instruction.


Mail Response to 2783 Highway 65, Mora MN 55051

Please remember mail can take up to a week to arrive.

03012022_KLID_Weed Letters



Please note this post is generated to increase communication the content of the letters is NOT created from the Knife Lake Sportmen’s Club.

Any questions should be directed to the KLID as indicated in the letters.


We are all so blessed to have the beauty of the lake and surrounding  area right outside our windows. Here are a few pictures that our Facebook friends have shared with KLSC. If you would like a picture considered for our web site please send it to me at Please continue to share them on our Facebook page as well.



watch for information regarding the reopening date hopefully soon.


Have you been practicing? Time to get on the range!

Another fun event was held June 20th at the KLSC archery range. The weather was touch and go with rain but no one complained with the need for moisture. We added a moving 3D target, it was a BIG hit. What an event with prizes, food, & fun for all. Our next archery event is scheduled for September 12th. Hope to see you there.
If you have any birthday’s coming up and are looking for a unique gift idea consider gifting a 1 year unlimited shooting membership to the archery range for only $40. Truly a gift that keeps on giving all year!

If you’d like to discuss the course or have any questions please contact Greg at 612-790-2313


KLSC is offering all non-members an opportunity to shoot the course one time at no cost. You must sign a release waver located at the first lane and place it in the drop box. If you find that you enjoyed your experience, please consider supporting this facility with an annual membership of $40 individual & $75 family. Membership includes unlimited range time and use of the park itself. Family picnics, kids playground, wonderful nature walks, & more.  Membership

*Use of this property is at your own personal risk. Property is under video surveillance. Any theft or vandalism WILL BE PROSECUTED.

If you’d like to discuss the course or have any questions please contact Greg at 612-790-2313

Blue-Green Algae

One of our members asked – does Knife Lake, in Kanabec County have Blue-Green Algae.  The answer was yes, sometimes it does.   Blue Green algae during bloom is toxic to humans and to pets.  While dogs are the most impacted. Here is a direct link out to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency  information guide on Blue Green Algae.

The Knife Lake Sportsmen’s Club (KLSC) continues to work with the Knife Lake Improvement District (KLID) to help maintain healthy water quality through weed management which helps to reduce algae in our lake.  The Watershed district (Snake River watershed district) also has been working for years on reducing ground pollution sources to the river and streams that flow into our lake.  It is a large task, but together we are making strides for continued healthy habit for our lake for all to use and enjoy, now and into the future.