KLID – Knife Lake Improvement District

Subject: Knife Lake Property Owners – Lake Weeds Treatment Notification                                                 

Updated Information 5/11/2023

Dear Knife Lake Property Owner,

Please be advised that during May – June 2023 Central Minnesota Aquatics will treat limited areas of Knife Lake for the control of curlyleaf pondweed.  Treatment will be accomplished by using Aquathol K which is a Minnesota DNR and EPA approved product.

If you do NOT want treatment to occur within 150 feet in front of your shoreline property on Knife Lake you must, if you haven’t already, notify Central Minnesota Aquatics, Inc. at 218 963-7345 prior to May 10, 2023.  Thank you for your participation.







Please click on the links below to access the documents for the Knife Lake Nuisance Weeds Letter and Application combined 2023 and the Knife Lake Curly-leaf Letter 2023.

KLID Info from the 2023 January Lake Lines….

KLID Report
I have a few things to report on from the KLID monthly meeting that was held on 12/17/22 @ 8AM. Weed letters have been approved and will be mailed out to the address that your property tax statement is mailed too, starting on 1/4/2023. There will be 2 letters enclosed within the envelope. One letter is for Curry Leaf Pondweed, which is sprayed in May. If you DO NOT want that treatment to happen, then sign & return that form, otherwise no reply is needed. The 2nd letter is for Nuisance Weeds. This form NEEDS to be filled out & returned, if you want your dock area treated for nuisance weeds. This will get you your bucket sticker! Forms need to be returned to KLID by 2/15/2023. The letters/forms will also be available on http://www.knifelake.us