Blue-Green Algae

One of our members asked – does Knife Lake, in Kanabec County have Blue-Green Algae.  The answer was yes, sometimes it does.   Blue Green algae during bloom is toxic to humans and to pets.  While dogs are the most impacted. Here is a direct link out to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency  information guide on Blue Green Algae.

The Knife Lake Sportsmen’s Club (KLSC) continues to work with the Knife Lake Improvement District (KLID) to help maintain healthy water quality through weed management which helps to reduce algae in our lake.  The Watershed district (Snake River watershed district) also has been working for years on reducing ground pollution sources to the river and streams that flow into our lake.  It is a large task, but together we are making strides for continued healthy habit for our lake for all to use and enjoy, now and into the future.

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